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I miss you so much, you were always there for me. You stayed home from church, you took me all sorts of places. One of my fondest memories was going to the barber shop and getting our hair cut. I wish I still had more time with you. I know that I got a lot In time wise, but now it doesnt feel like its enough. I want to find a barber and just take you there and just listen to your stories and just talk and enjoy the days. I really do love that you pulled through long enough to meet your great grandson, I believe that he help you do so. It means that world to me that you met him and got time with him. I have some of your things now and im going to take care of going to add to them and pass them down to my son. Declan loves you, cheyenne loves you, and I love you. It really hurts and ill miss you. I hope that your not in pain anymore though and that you’re getting to do the things that you love. I really wish that I would have given you more hugs near the end told you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I reget that I didnt. You deserved that and im so sorry. I just thought that I would have more time with you.i didnt think that you would go so suddenly. I needed that time to say goodbye.

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